February 24 - 26, 2019
The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

Jenny Smith

Kaiser Permanente

9:20 AM The Chemistry of a Millennial CFO

Together with the structure and approach of companies, the role of today’s CFO is evolving. Similar to other management positions over the past few years, this corporate function has extended beyond the core responsibilities of audit and compliance, financial reporting, treasury, planning and capital structure. Now we witness many CFOs playing a stronger role in portfolio management and capital allocation on a corporate level. It is not uncommon for CFOs to be voted more confident in communicating with investors or the board of directors due to their vast outlook across multiple levels of the company and valuable insight into its financial operations and objectives. An in-depth look at the chemistry of a millennial CFO reveals the following qualities as necessary prerequisites for successfully leading the company forward:

•Analytical Insight abilities
•Intelligent Risk Management
•Embracing and Executing Innovation
•Integrated Talent Management
•Management of Political Changes

11:30 AM Women's Power Panel

Careers in finance include the ability to make a difference, learn and innovate. Explore the opportunities and challenges of the gender gap in finance with case studies and statistics. In this session, delve into the gender gap in the C-Suite and effective ways to support and grow workforce diversity and inclusion.

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