25-27 February 2018
Miami, FL

David DeFreitas

Group CFO - Corporate Services
Caterpillar, Inc.
Dave is Group CFO for Corporate Services at Caterpillar. He has been with Caterpillar for 29 years and has held 17 Accounting and General Business roles in Peoria, Aurora, and Deerfield, IL and Leicester, England. Those past jobs have included the following leadership roles: Business Manager for Aftermarket Parts, Special Investment Director for Energy & Transportation, Product Manager for Telehanders (with responsibility for the worldwide design, manufacture, and marketing of this product line from England), Corporate Director of Activity Based Costing Methodology, and Corporate Business Analysis Project Manager. At the staff level, Dave has also held positions in product cost accounting, investment analysis, budgeting, financial reporting, internal auditing, and legal entity / inventory accounting. His current responsibilities include: Providing leadership to the Business Managers and financial reporting teams who support Finance Services, Human Services, Global Information Services, and the Legal & Public Affairs Division at Caterpillar. Dave also works closely with Caterpillar’s captive finance company in support of their business strategy. In addition, Dave’s team oversees Board of Directors advance material preparation, supports the quarterly financial release, and provides direct support for the Company CFO. After graduating from Bradley University with a B.S. in Accounting in 1987, Dave started his career in Public Accounting before moving to Caterpillar. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has his MBA from Northern Illinois University (1994). In 2015, Dave was recognized at the National Beta Alpha Psi Conference as National Business Information Professional of the year. Outside of work, Dave chairs the National Council of Advisors to the Foster College of Business at Bradley University and is a past chair and current member of the Department of Accounting Advisory Council at Bradley. He is also a member of the Bradley University Braves Club Board and a member of the Indiana University Accounting Advisory Group. Dave is the Treasurer of his fraternity Housing Corporation (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) and he is Vice Chair for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) State Basketball championship steering committee. In 2017, Dave and his wife were recognized by the IHSA and Peoria Convention & Visitors Bureau as Volunteers of the Year. In 2015, Dave and his wife Co-Chaired the Passage to India Easter Seals Fundraising Banquet and is a past Co-Chair of the Central Illinois annual Easter Seals fundraising campaign. He has also co-authored two articles in professional magazines (“Getting Lean and Mean at Caterpillar with Activity Based Management” published in the January, 2013 issue of Strategic Finance Magazine, and “Changing Performance Measures at Caterpillar” in the December, 1996 issue of Management Accounting Magazine). 2018 Age: 53

9:05 AM Panel: The DNA of Finance: Cultivating the Finance Leaders of Tomorrow

As finance organizations are under constant pressure to perform, comply, innovate and embrace the digital era, which behaviors and processes must CFOs develop across their teams to transform into a world-class finance organization? How do you develop a career progression plan to meet the needs of a modern finance workforce? How do you develop a performance culture and make diversity a fundamental part of your success? Our attendees will provide examples on how they are developing their teams and ensuring a successful pipeline for the future.
·         Highlight the growing complexities of the role and the new demands of business partnering, strategic advisory and organizational leadership
·         Recognize the characteristics of a strategic finance leader and learn how to upskill internal talent and develop career paths to move from transactional to consultative
·         Discuss the impact of millennial talent - their needs, expectations and leadership styles- and how to ensure the right experiences and opportunities are available to the next generation 
·         Discuss the challenges of sourcing finance talent outside of the biggest cities
·         Discuss the growing importance of diversity in the workplace 

4:00 PM Effective Leadership & Developing The Next Generation of Leaders

Effective leadership is essential to a company’s success today and for years to come. It can engage employees in ways that can give your company a true competitive advantage. To unlock the power of effective leadership, we will look at the difference between being a manager vs. an effective leader, the keys to engaging your employees to achieve more than they thought possible, how you can develop the next generation of leaders for your company, and keys to you and your employees living a successful and rewarding life.
·         Understand the difference between managing and leading
·         Receive the keys to engage your employees to achieve maximum productivity and results through situational leadership
·         Learn to develop the next generations of leaders for your company
·         Build important messages for your employees – keys for them to have a successful career and life (unleash their passion)

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